The Parrot Kachina

The Parrot Kachina


The rainbow colors in his feathers are for a Happy Life. He stands about 10.5" inches from top to bottom, and has accent pieces added to him: shells, feathers, rope/string and felt to make this piece a lot more appreciated. He would make a perfect gift for a friend and/or your Life Partner.

  • Care

    If the carving(s) get dusty, use a toothbrush or a dense paint brush with soft bristles and brush the dust out and off your carving(s). Be careful not to break off any special detailing of the piece.

  • Repairs

    If your carvings need any kind of repairs such as: replacing feathers, repairing and/or re-attaching a detailed piece, a chip, ect.; it can certainly be done. Just pay for the item(s) to get shipped back to you.