The Bear Clan

The Bear Clan

SKU: WS-03

This hand-carved wooden sculpture represents The Bear Clan. Interestingly, this piece has a slight curve to it from the bottom to the top. 


Along the bottom of this piece has the Water design which represents Moisture within the Earth, with a Bear figure meaning Strength and Leadership with the Lightening design along his side which represents Strength.


Above the bear figure is the Bear Claw with a Warrior/Protector design in the middle. At the very top of the sculpture is a Rain Cloud with Lightening, and Rain falling down on the Corn for renewing your Life and Spirit.


On the back of this sculpture is the Kiva with smoke and a Prayer Feather carrying our Prayers to the Heavens. 


Height: 11" (From the Base to the Top)

Wide: 3.5" (Base)