The Supai Kachina

The Supai Kachina


The Supai Kachina represents the Supai people. This one in particular is a female Supai kachina, measuring 13.5" from bottom to the top of her feathers, and has accent pieces added to her: feathers, felt, rope, a decorative stud, diamonds and shells. The Hopi's created the kachina to show how they saw the Supai tribe. This piece would be perfect for your kachina carvings collection of the Supai.

  • Care

    If the carving(s) get dusty, use a toothbrush or a dense paint brush with soft bristles and brush the dust out and off your carving(s). Be careful not to break off any special detailing of the piece.

  • Repairs

    If your carvings need any kind of repairs such as: replacing feathers, repairing and/or re-attaching a detailed piece, a chip, ect.; it can certainly be done. Just pay for the item(s) to get shipped back to you.