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Getting Ready for SWAIA 2018

Hello Happy Hopi's!! Thank you for visiting our site!! We're happy to be back up and running. And we're especially happy to be able to have our online shop open for the upcoming Holiday's. If you are trying to purchase Hopi Kachina Ornaments between July 2018 to the end of August 2018; they will be unavailable. However, you can still submit your order(s) until the end of September 2018. The reason behind this is, I do plan on doing a few Holiday shows to show off the ornaments on a lit Christmas tree starting in October 2018. And I plan on showing off a few of my furniture pieces as well to add a unique living-room look to my booth. My Dad is going to be doubling up (or maybe tripling up) on each Kachina Ornament for Dawa's Arts and the Holiday shows. And don't worry. The whole collection may not be available all at one time, but they will be on the site once they are made and ready for purchase. You will be updated in our newsletter, so don't forget to Sign up!! Hopefully we can stay ahead so everyone can enjoy them!!

From the video, you see My Dad (Anderson) painting The Long Hair Kachina. He's fulfilling an order for a collector of our ornaments, and painting for the SWAIA Indian Market 2018. If you're unaware, SWAIA takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico next month (August) on the 18th & 19th. We're also attending another show before that on August 4th & 5th. So we are a bit busy, but we enjoy painting our ornaments. We will be sharing a bit more with you all in videos so you can see all the ornaments being made and painted by us, The Koinva Family. And please let me know if you would like to come with me attending these Holiday shows through videos. I plan to educate huge fans of the Hopi Kachina's who want to learn more about them. Post your comments below if you approve!!

Until my next post!! Happy 4th of July My Friends!! -Audie

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