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Dah-lah's 14th Birthday

If you all have met her while coming into Dawa's Arts & Crafts shop on Shungopavi, Second Mesa, Arizona; keep her in your thoughts on this special day, for she is turning 14 years old!!

If you all don't know the story, I adopted her from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. We named her Dah-lah (which means "Light") because she was a lighter shade of brown from her brothers and sisters. And that's what she has done for me all through her 14 years. She brought Light into my life.

She has been with me through: broken friendships, mentally abusive relationships, loneliness, surgeries, ect. And she has been there for me through my happiest of times too. All the good unforgettable moments in my life that has happened to me, she was there to experience those things with me. When I was applying for jobs, she got excited when I got excited when I actually got the jobs. Or when I painted a new piece of furniture that I was so happy and proud of, she came running to see.

(laughs) I know she couldn't possibly know exactly what was going on and why. Just the excitement in my voice she can only determine that gets her to wag her tail like crazy was the joy she gives me. Now she's 14 years old, and she's even older in dog years. Even though she can no longer jump into my car anymore, and gets so tired and drained after going on a trip, she is still willing to stay by my side. I love taking care of her because she's given so much of herself for me.

She's my best friend, my happiness, my joy, my strength and my Universe.

Happy Birthday Babygirl!! Let's grow old together. I luv u Dah-lah.

Thank you all so much for saying Hello to her, petting her, talking baby talk to her when you came into Dawa's. I tell her you all are our friends, and there she is waging her Happy Tail. Thank you for allowing us both to be in your travels!!

"The way dogs look at you, is like they're in love with you." -Unknown

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